Jul 06

03:36:05 p.m.

by Mattias

Building Better Boundaries

Whenever somebody plays Sling Ming we try to figure out what they’re having difficulties with. It never ever goes as smooth as you hope it would! As a game designer you must be able to re-evaluate your assumptions based on real world feedback. It’s probably your number one ability. Or perhaps second – being creative is somewhat important as well.

One comment we’ve heard several times is:
Why can’t I move this thing over there?


May 27

10:55:29 a.m.

by Mattias

Nordic Impressions

We got badges
Last week we took a trip to Malmö and visited Nordic Game, the biggest gamedev convention up here in the north. We’ve never been there before, so it was all very exciting and we didn’t know what to expect. Overall we had a great time, although we suspect it’s even more fun if you are well connected within the games industry.

These are some of our impressions from Nordic Game, in case you’re considering going next year or just want a highly subjective summary of the whole thing.


Apr 23

02:46:55 p.m.

by Mattias

The Devil is in the Details

Games consist of interactions, and lots of them. Each interaction might seem simple, especially since they often happen over a time span of half a second or less. But getting an interaction to feel natural and satisfying, at the same time conveying what is happening while never feeling slow or cumbersome, is an art in itself.